Prayer Ideas: Plant a Seed

 ‘Other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew, and produced a good crop.’

Mark 4:8

In order to grow to be strong and healthy seeds need good soil, feeding and watering. In the same way children need comfort and love in order to develop into the people God made them to be. As we plant seeds we pray that children will have all they need to grow well.

  • Take a single seed (for example sunflower seeds: these can be picked up cheaply from many pound or discount stores) in your hand
  • Look at it and think of children you are close to
  • Put some soil in a paper cup (recycle from your favourite coffee shop!) and place your seed deep inside it
  • Hold the cup with the seed in it and ask God to help you and any children you know to grow into the people he wants us all to be
Sunflower against green field

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