Our faith is based on the word of God that we find in the Bible – but we grow so much more through shared understanding.

Here you can find out more about how St Mark’s unpack Christian teachings, through the sermons and special services that are a key part of our worship.

Sunday the 27th September is the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity - and for our 10am service today St Mark's lead
Sunday the 27th September is the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity - and today at 9am St Mark's lead once more
We're so happy that we can do a lot of our services online, truly live now - but it still
Sunday the 20th September is the Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity - and for our 10am service today St Thomas lead
Sunday the 20th September is the Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity - and today at 9am St Mark's lead once more
Sunday the 13th September is the Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity - and as Rachel Noël, priest of St Mark's, takes
Sunday the 6th September is the Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity - and this week Peter leads from the vicarage in
Upside down house
Rebecca Rickaby, PCC Secretary reflects on the changing world from March 2020 - and how she coped and adapted to
Sunday the 30th August is the Twelfth Sunday after Trinity - and this week with St Mark's leading live from
Sunday the 23rd August is the Eleventh Sunday after Trinity - and this week with St Thomas leading, St Mark's
Sunday the 16th August is the Tenth Sunday after Trinity - and this week with St Mark's leading, we will
Sunday the 9th August is the Ninth Sunday after Trinity - and this week with St Thomas leading, St Mark's
Sunday the 2nd August is the Eighth Sunday after Trinity - and with St Mark's leading - live from the
Sunday the 26th July is the Seventh Sunday after Trinity - and with St Thomas leading, St Mark's will be
Sunday the 19th July is the Sixth Sunday after Trinity - and after a few weeks lead so wonderfully by
Sunday the 12th July is the Fifth Sunday after Trinity - and it's also Sea Sunday! St Thomas lead our
Sunday the 5th July is the Fourth Sunday after Trinity: but it's also St Thomas Patronal Festival, which we celebrate
Sunday the 28th June is the Third Sunday after Trinity. Peter from St Thomas church leads this service - and
Sunday the 21st June is the Second Sunday after Trinity. Rachel from St Mark's church leads this service - and
Sunday the 14th June is the First Sunday after Trinity and today we enter the long stretch in the church
Sunday the 7th June is Trinity Sunday and today we bring the service to you from St Mark's in Pennington,
Sunday the 31st May is Pentecost and today we celebrate the birth of the church! Peter from St Thomas' church
The Diocese of Winchester hosted a 24 hour wave of Prayer - the Upper Room, from 9am on Saturday 30th
Tomorrow is the seventh Sunday of Easter and St Mark's will be leading our 9:30am service, streamed on YouTube! With
Join with us as we celebrate Ascension Day with support from Lymington Infant School and St Thomas church!
Sunday the 17th May is the sixth Sunday of Easter and as some of the lockdown restrictions are lifted Peter
Sunday the 10th May is the fifth Sunday of Easter, but also marks the start of Christian Aid week -
Sunday the 3rd May is the Fourth Sunday of Easter, and today Rachel from St Mark's leads our service -
Sunday the 26th April is the Third Sunday of Easter, but today it's also St Mark's patronal festival! Today, Rachel
20200419 - Second of Easter
Sunday the 19th April is the Second Sunday of Easter - and today, Peter from St Thomas' leads our service
20200412 - Easter Sunday
Sunday the 12th April is Easter Sunday - and together we celebrate the risen Christ, for whom death can not
20200411 - Easter Vigil
On Saturday 11th at 8pm, St Mark's holds a service for the Easter Vigil - remembering the lull from Christ
Good Friday 2020 Banner
Join us from midday on Good Friday, where St Mark's and St Thomas churches are pleased to welcome Peter Rouch,
Maundy Thursday banner, 2020
Performed during our Maundy Thursday service, this performed by the fantastic 'Divine Music' group. Video features photographs of the Easter
Maundy Thursday banner, 2020
Through Holy Week, we've been hosting Compline services at 7pm. However tonight, as we reach the day we remember the
Compline Holy Week 2020 Banner
Through Holy Week, we're hosting Compline services at 7pm; tonight, Debbie Sellin leads from Southampton.
Compline Holy Week 2020 Banner
Through Holy Week, we're hosting Compline services at 7pm; tonight, Peter Salisbury leads from the vicarage in Lymington.
Compline Holy Week 2020 Banner
Through Holy Week, we're hosting Compline services at 7pm; tonight, Rachel Noël leads from the vicarage in Pennington.
The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, from Matthew 26:14-27:66. Performed by members of St Mark's and St Thomas' congregations,
Through Holy Week on Monday 6th, Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th from 7pm we're hosting Compline services and you're welcome
Our Palm Sunday service, a collaborative effort between St Mark's and St Thomas churches.
Palm leaves at our Palm Sunday service
Normally, we'd be handing out a Palm Cross for you to take away with you, at our Sunday services this
A first for St Mark's: service given from the upstairs spare bedroom of the vicarage (can we say an upper
Rachel and Debbie at our Mothering Sunday service
Our live streamed service from Sunday 22nd March
Our service from the 15th March, where we launched our first live streamed service!
Clock Face
As St Mark's #LiveLent, today we focus on water. Central to all life on Earth but we know also that
Nicodemus 'came to Jesus by night': the night and darkness bring fears: for nothing to do we pray the Evening
Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! Today is St David's Day - St David being the patron saint of Wales as well
Clock Face
How are St Mark's marking Lent this year? In sixty seconds, Rachel explains how it starts - with light.
Sometimes it's easy to get completely overwhelmed in a world that seems to demand easy, quick answers to every situation.
Our focus today as we start Lent is on the ash in Ash Wednesday. What is the significance of ashing?
Our Morning Praise service from Sunday 23rd February - where today, as we think ahead to Lent, we also consider
"I feel like there are parts of myself that have been lost along the way, and I don't know if
How many of you wonder if the reading from Matthew 6 doesn't apply to you? Don't worry, be happy? If
On Sunday 9th February 2020, at 4pm, members of St Mark's church joined Anne's new church family from St Andrew's
We've all been at an occassion where we meet new people and have to introduce ourselves. How do we answer
When you open the bible, Haggai is one of the twelve minor prophets, right at the end of the Old
Today is the feast of Candlemas, where we remember Jesus being presented at the temple. With the blessing of candles
As part of the week of Christian Unity, all the churches in Lymington and Pennington met at in the morning
Towards the end of January we invited the community to Pennington Church for an event of songs, reflections and poems
Humanity makes mistakes. We can deny our wrong doings but most of the time our mistakes are known and we
If you haven't heard a child say "come and see - look at what I've discovered!" - perhaps you'll recall
As we remember the baptism of Christ and the new beginnings that can come through being born anew through baptism,
Do we always notice what's going on in the Christmas story? Gold is precious and lasts - symbolic of something
What is the best Christmas sweet? Rachel's vote goes to the chocolate orange - at this time of year, the
Is Christmas just for the children? It's fair to say that children are a focus for the season - but
One for the children - and young at heart - our Crib and Christingle service on the 24th December started
Our service for the fouth Sunday of Advent, as we focus on Mary - mother of Christ and the promise
Our minds are looking towards the big day – when we celebrate Christ’s arrival, at his birth in Bethlehem. What
Today we remember John the Baptist. The cousin of Jesus, he was convinced Jesus was the true messiah - to
John the Baptist is an unusual character; we might find an encounter with him a little off putting at first
As Advent begins, we celebrate the anticipation of Christmas Day through Advent with a special service of hymns, readings and
“Lo, he comes with clouds descending” - a fantastic hymn for this day from Charles Wesley, but as you listen
If you were starting a business that only produced one out of four viable products at the end of a
Are we willing to let go of our ideas of what 'looking good' looks like? Are we willing to shed
Mary and Martha, Lazarus' two sisters had let Jesus know that their brother, Jesus friend, was ill. It was days
As 11am approaches, a short service by the war memorial takes place at St Mark's. We honour the dead, of
Faced with all the evil in the world, and all that is going wrong, do we just feel powerless? What
Described as a chief, rich, tax collector, he was as a result an outcast to his own people - seen
"I am the light of the world" said Jesus - referring to our lives here on earth, and our lives
The story of the ten lepers who were healed: but only one came back to say thanks. Do we desire
Have you ever read a book and really loved it? Have you then dreaded the news that a film is
Blind from birth; never to see a sunrise, a smile. He was a life waiting to be born: today, he
It’s a strange, even bizarre idea that Jesus shares: that by his leaving his followers will actually be to their
Thinking Differently About God
Rachel Noel, affectionately known by the local press as the Pink Vicar. Rachel had a particularly formational journey through curacy,
World mental health day occurred on October 10th and is an opportunity for us to recognise the importance of our
Some 795 million people - one in nine of all people on the planet - do not have enough food
For our Harvest Festival service, Maureen Harris, a member of neighbouring St Thomas' Church in Lymingon and active in Traidcraft,
God's gifts to us and the flourishing of God's creation are clear. The world is God's perfect gift to us;
God knows us, loves us and cares for us. Indeed, Jesus primary commandment; love one another - for we are
Everyone is hungry - we're all looking for bread; however, the problem isn't that we're hungry - the problem is
The lost sheep; we're all familiar with the story - but do you believe it? Do you doubt with a
Have you said "yes" before reading the small print first? There's a cost, to discipleship - and Jesus warns us
What are we doing when we pray for healing? Rachel shares something of her own experience of an encounter with
The kingdom of God, the perfect society, is often pictured as a banquet. It is a meal for everyone, not
'I Bow Down': performed before intercessions on 25th August 2019 - words and Music Cindy Rethmeier, performed by Jane and
The miracles of this planet are simply mind boggling. So much life, so much diversity: created by a loving God
God asks us to give; but how often do we think of excuses or reasons why perhaps we cannot? If
'Sing of the Lord’s goodness' performed during Communion on 18th August 2019 - words and Music (c) 1981 Ernest Sands,
Red Sky at Night, shepherds delight; red sky at morning, sailors a warning. How good are you at predicting things?
Predictions for the end of the world are running at roughly one a year: the next is on track for
'God Bless the Child' performed during Communion on 11th August 2019 - words and Music Billie Holiday and Arthur Herzog
Rimsky-Korsakov, performed by Peter Greenhalgh
There's a need for clear communication when we need help - be that in sickness or adversity. We and those
Considering prayer: make it a personal conversation, seeing God as father. After all, a father figure is someone to trust;
So, we’re half way through Ordinary time, the half a year that follows the excitement of Easter and Pentecost. There
Three times Martha mentions herself in her complaint to Jesus; she was concerned about what was happening to her -
When we approach Jesus, are we looking for the loophole, for the trick, for an excuse: or are we really
What are your first memories of your childhood? Did you feel safe; have fun; feel loved? For many children today,
With Peter Greenhalgh on piano and Frances Attwood on violin, performed to close our Evensong service on Trinity Sunday.
Why should we settle for recreating ourselves with one more possession, hope, ambition? All the time, Jesus is dying to
Did you ever have an expanding suitcase? Where the clothes could go higher and higher, the lid come over and
The man they had been following had been crucified. This must have felt like the end - but then Jesus
On a Wednesday evening between Ascension and Pentecost, members of St Mark's and St Thomas' churches came together in Pennington,
On Wednesday evening, members of St Mark's and St Thomas' churches came together in Pennington, to ask those going about
What do we see at the end of the day as we look in the mirror? What does our life
what would you do if the government declared that prayer was illegal? Daniel didn’t compromise: his routine didn’t alter: the
Jesus knew all too well he had little time on this earth; as with any last words, he shared with
What happens for you when you read the bible? There may be some parts you enjoy more than others but
Jane Nicholson with our director of music Leigh Jerwood perform a cover of Brenton Brown's worship song, 'Humble King' during
Caves at sundown
Jesus shares all our fears, concerns, grief, and longings for physical healing, he feels these more deeply than we can
David, the Bishop of Basingstoke lead a confirmation service at St Mark’s Church, Pennington on Sunday 28th April at 3pm.
From our Evensong service on Easter Sunday and it's great news! Christ is risen and we have the promise of
Reflection of cross on tree
It's Good Friday. Today, we remember Jesus, and his journey to the cross. Pádraig Ó Tuama writes: “For me, Good
Sunset through the clouds
Jesus talks to his followers frankly about his death. About how his time is not forever with them, but soon
Two people by beach in silhouette
In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prayers strengthened him to accept God’s will the cup He wanted to be taken
Leigh Jerwood and Rebecca Rickaby perform Pie Jesu by Fauré, whilst members of the congregation come forward for communion.
Cleaning and Conversation chancel restoration video thumb
In late 2016 through to early 2017, St Mark's engaged the services of local conservator, Peter Martindale - to help