What to do when someone dies…

We’re sorry that life’s circumstances have brought you to this page.

Solitary rose in churchyard

The first people to contact regarding funeral arrangements are the funeral directors of your choice. We are happy to work with whichever funeral director you choose.

On meeting the funeral director you will be asked when and where you would like the service to take place. We can support you with services in St Mark’s Church or at any of our local Crematoriums. Our churchyard is open, so if you live in the parish you can be buried here or have your ashes interred. We are also able to lead a service for you if you choose to be buried elsewhere.

It is at that stage that the church generally gets involved; the funeral directors will contact us, and we will then contact you to arrange to visit you in your own home.

You may well have questions about arranging a funeral. The Church of England has a useful website, which may help you as you think through what you would like to do. https://churchofenglandfunerals.org/

Funerals can be on our minds for all sorts of reasons. If you’re thinking of sorting out your own funeral service plan, this site offers guidance on how to do that and how it can really help your family when the time comes. If you’d like to talk this through with any of our ministers to help you with your plans, please let us know. https://churchofenglandfunerals.org/planning-ahead/

If you would like any further information, do contact us through our contact page.

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