We can accept a wide range of recyclable materials, and we collect these in bins in the porch of our church. 

We collect:

  • Milk bottle tops
  • Non-milk bottle tops (which go to LUSH)
    • anything up to the size of a Marmite lid, but no ketchup lids please!
  • Felt tips, biros and pens
  • Batteries
  • Printer ink cartridges (unless they are the liquid variety!)
  • Aluminium foil (a second bin is by the font in church, all these go        towards our local allotment) – please help our collectors by not including crisp and other metallic packets, such as sweet wrappers, or blister packs

If you know of an outlet for any other recyclable goods and are willing and able to deliver them there from church, we would be delighted to hear from you and provide a bin for their collection. 

If you would like to know more or become involved, please contact Anne Elliott at associatepriest@penningtonchurch.uk or phone 07553552540 – or Teresa Nivison at churchwarden@penningtonchurch.uk or phone 07541842025.