Frequently Asked Questions

If we get married in church, do we need to register the marriage somewhere else as well?

No! Parish priests in the Church of England are also registrars, so you need just the one ceremony.

How far in advance should we book?

It’s best to plan well ahead, particularly if you want a special venue for your reception or a particular date.

Do we have to live in the parish?

Not anymore – the rules have changed. Under the Church of England Marriage Measure 2008 you are eligible to apply for marriage at St Mark’s if:

  • you were baptised at the church
  • you were confirmed from the church
  • your parent or grandparent was married in the church
  • you or your parent has lived in the parish of Pennington for a minimum of six months at some point during your lifetime
  • you have regularly attended services at St Mark’s for at least six months
  • your parent has continually attended worship at St Mark’s for at least six months

Does it matter if one of us has been married before?

If either of you has sadly been widowed, there is no restriction. If either or both of you have been divorced, provided neither of you has been divorced more than once, the Priest in Charge may be able to marry you. It’s best to contact us to talk through your individual circumstances.

Can we get married on a day other than a Saturday?

Any day apart from Sunday is fine; the only restriction is that the ceremony must take place during the hours of daylight (it’s an old law which we can explain if you really want us to!) We will also need to ensure that the church and a minister are available to take your service.

To find out more, contact us via our contact page

Amanda and John on their wedding day
Amanda and John on their wedding day – 11th May 2019