Prayer Ideas: Leaves of Change

Autumn is a season of many changes. Starting new schools, new classes, new jobs, a new season of life. This can bring great fear and anxiety, things we want to bring before God in prayer. Collect some coloured paper, hooks, pegs or string and a branch of a tree (can be real or fake).

What to do:

  • Cut your coloured paper into leaf shapes.
  • Think about changes in your life. These could be good or bad chances, changes that have already happened, changes that you’re expecting to happen, changes that you want to happen, or changes that you’re afraid of.
  • Write or draw something that represents these changes on a leaf. Hang the leaf up on the tree.
  • Talk to God about the changes you wrote on the leaf – ask him for help, guidance, protection. Ask him to be with you and comfort you through any changes you face.

Taken from

Leaves from green to red hung on a line

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