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Peter (vicar of Lymington) and I are thinking through how we continue to produce our online Sunday services for as long as the lock-down continues. The first part of this will be to alternate which parish provides the music and the liturgy, the other parish providing the sermon and the bible readers. One of the things on which we would value your comments is how often the services should include Communion.

In both our parishes there is normally a Communion service every week, so we have provided for that pattern online. Of course this is made more complex by the fact that only the President can receive the bread and wine. We’d like to know if you are happy with the current weekly pattern of communion, or if you would prefer to have Communion less often, for example once a month (which is the pattern at the Life & Soul service in Lymington).

Any suggestions very welcome and you can email me by clicking here: we’d love to have your feedback about what you’re appreciating about the online services, what you think could be improved, and any other suggestions or comments you may have for us.


Rachel Noël

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