Notices for the eighth Sunday after Trinity

The Week ahead…

Date Time Event
Sun 11th 08:00 Holy Communion
  09:30 Iona Communion
  11:00 Baptism service for Harmony Elizabeth Grace Garlick
Mon 12th 11:00 Pilgrim Course, St Mark’s Room
Wed 14th 10:15 Coffee Morning, St Mark’s Room
  11:30 Holy Communion
Sun 18th 08:00 Holy Communion
  09:30 Family Communion
  18:00 Evensong

Please Pray for…

In need of prayer: Mary and Ted, Kit, Michael, Jill and Brian, Rachel G, Tony, Caroline, Kevin, G, Alex, Paul, Maggie, Barrie, Ilse, Alexander

At their years mind: David Miller, May Corner, Lillian Gibbons

Neighbourhood Prayers

Share together with us in prayer for the streets and those who live and work in and around Pennington throughout the week:

11 Wilverley Close
12 International Youth Day
13 Diocesan Synod
14 Those living in areas of conflict
15 Eve, our new churchwarden
16 Edwards Close
17 Natural world

Vandalism in the Churchyard

We have recently had reports that people have been trying to climb onto the church roof and there has also been damage to items in the churchyard – most recently the bird bath outside the St Mark’s Room.

If you see anyone causing problems in the churchyard we ask that you do not approach people – but please always report the matter to the police by telephoning 101 as soon as possible.

Please look after yourself and do not take personal risks, if you are witnessing any events of antisocial behaviour in the church grounds.

Metal watering cans

It has been suggested that due to the latest vandalism in the churchyard, we do away with the metal watering cans which almost certainly were used to smash the bird bath, and replace with plastic ones. If you have any at home surplus to requirements, they would be most welcome. The metal ones will, for the moment, be stored in the shed.

Please let Ingrid, Churchyard Team or Church Wardens know.

Your new table?

Is anyone interested in rehoming the round plastic table in front of the altar in the lady chapel, for a donation? If so, please do talk to Teresa or Eve.

Our Community Hall

The renovations to St. Mark’s Community hall have now started. From 22nd July the roof is being renovated and from 29th July the hall and toilets renovation will commence.  This will include an accessible toilet and will create a more welcoming environment for the hall.  The hall is now closed until 2nd September

Missing Memorial Names – We Will Remember Them

Last year, it came to light that there are some names missing from the War Memorial in Pennington. We created a temporary plaque for last year, so that we could include their names within our Remembrance services.

We have now gone through the processes and are delighted to have received permission to add these names permanently to our grade II listed War Memorial. The next step to make this possible, is to raise the money to pay the stone mason to add the names. We need your help to make this happen, please give generously, so that we can include these five people permanently on our memorial in Pennington.

Please speak to Teresa or Maureen, if you would like to give a donation directly; alternatively you can donate online, via our Just Giving campaign page –

Storage space required

St Mark’s are looking to store some items from within the body of the church temporarily: notably, two loose pews, currently held to the left and right of the font.  Do you have a garage with a little bit of space to help us store these for the short term? If you can help, please speak with either Teresa or Eve, our churchwardens.

School Uniform Swap Shop

For many in the UK, the prospect of buying a new school uniform for their children is a daunting prospect. At high cost and quickly too small for growing children, the school uniform can be an appreciable dent in the spending many families make. To help alleviate this need, local group Freeuse setup free popup shops, to help share pre-loved but no longer needed uniforms – and will be doing so from the St Mark’s room in St Marks Church on Tuesday 27th August from 11am to 1pm!

Can you help on the day with donations of refreshments? Perhaps you can be on hand to help serve refreshments for the event? Or perhaps you can donate financially via their Just Giving campaign? Maybe you have old school uniforms from your own children, no longer needed: if you have donations of preloved school uniform, any age group, please donate them at the Musketeer!

Please speak to Paul for further details – alternatively you can email ‘

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