Notices for Candlemas

The Week ahead…

Date Time Event
Sun 2nd 08:00 Holy Communion
  09:30 Share the Light, service for Candlemas
  18:00 Evensong, with Act of Healing
Mon 3rd 11:00 Pilgrim Course – The Beatitudes (St Mark’s Room)
Wed 5th 10:15 Coffee Morning, St Mark’s Room
  11:30 Holy Communion
Thu 6th 10:00 Churchyard volunteer working party
  12:30 Friendship Lunch
Sun 9th 08:00 Holy Communion
  09:30 Family Communion
  11:00 Baptism

Please Pray for…

In need of prayer: Mary, Kit, Michael, Jill and Brian, Rachel G, Tony, Caroline, Kevin, G, Alex, Paul, Maggie, Barrie, Ilse, Alexander, Bryan, Sarah

Years Mind: Martin Jones, Pamela Thomas, Richard Smith, Alf Sparks, Richard Denham

Recently Deceased: Bill Raven

Neighbourhood Prayers

Share together with us in prayer for the streets and those who live and work in and around Pennington throughout the week:

2 Unemployed
3 Cowley Road
4 World Cancer Day
5 Ravenscourt Road
6 International Day of Zero Tolerance to female genital mutilation
7 Bowling Green
8 Those who fear the winter months

Pennington Easter Yarn

We’re making Easter eggs, brightly coloured flowers and crosses to decorate Pennington for Easter – or continue making poppies to extend our Remembrance display for 2020! Use any pattern and yarn that you like, or pick up some starter patterns at one of our collection points.

Patterns are available here:

  • St Mark’s Church
  • One Stop
  • Pennington Pharmacy
  • Musketeer
  • The Wheel Inn
  • Visual Vibes
  • Oakhaven Hospice Craft Shop

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel on 01590 462022, or send an email to

If you can ensure your completed items are delivered to church or one of the village collection points by the 15th March, we can ensure a splash of Easter colour can warm even the coldest spring day!

An Invitation…

…to Christians working in science, medicine or technology: St Mary’s Longfleet would really value hearing your voice. You’re invited to complete a short survey, likely to take no more than five minutes, in order for the wider church to be able to draw upon your wisdom as we all seek to engage well with issues of technology?

This national work has grown out of the local ‘Faith, Technology and Tomorrow‘ project which they ran in St Mary’s Church, Longfleet in Poole and the survey is available via that church website and the link below:

Bill Raven’s funeral

As many are aware, a regular at our 8am service, Bill, recently passed away. His daughter Fiona writes:

We were so glad we were able to nurse him at home until the end of his life. Dad’s funeral is at Test Valley Crematorium on Thursday 6th February at 10am, should anyone from the congregation wish to attend. Thank you to all the 8am church family for being part of Dad’s life since he moved to Lymington in 2013”.

Pilgrim in 2020

We’re continuing our day time Pilgrim sessions in the new year! Join us from 11am on the 3rd and 24th February, 9th and 23rd March and 6th April – as we unpack the Beatitudes!

Pancake Party!

Fun for every one of every age, come and join us at the St Mark’s Community Hall on Tuesday 25th February from 3:30pm! Pancakes – with all your favourite toppings (we think lemon juice and sugar is best – keep it simple!) – and other refreshments on hand too. Can you help on the afternoon? Please speak with either Eve or Erica in church!

Anne’s licencing for Hordle Parish

Thank you to all who supported Anne at her final service and following farewell tea, on Sunday 12th January and you’re invited to add to your diary a date for the licensing service for Anne’s new role! This will take place on Sunday 9th February at 4pm, to be held at All Saints Church, Hordle. We are so grateful for all the work that she has done, and delighted that a nearby community will be able to benefit from her ministry too.

Sharing via social media?

As you may know, St Mark’s has an active Facebook community, where we share details of what we’re up to in Pennington, along with a wide range of posts, videos and pictures – you can find us via the address below.

Did you know that Facebook offers you the ability to share a birthday fundraiser – inviting your own friends and followers on Facebook to donate to a chosen cause? Our own Rachel Noël did so – and has raised £250 towards our efforts at St Mark’s!

Perhaps you might like to consider us as your own birthday comes around: every little effort helps together towards all we do.

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