Meet Kevin; ordinand on placement

Kevin is a student on placement and we’re delighted to welcome ordinand Kevin Smith to Pennington Church. He’ll be with us as part of his training for ordination, and will be preaching at our online service next week – a bit more from Kevin:

Hi I am Kevin Smith as part of ordination training the ordinand has to do missional placements. I have been fortunate enough to talk the Rev Rachel into letting me come to  St Marks and share in your ministry. Rev Rachel has therefore asked me to put finger to keypad and give you some background information on who I am?

As you already know my name is Kevin Smith I am a 54 yr old ordinand looking to be ordained next year in July 2021. As well as being an ordinand I am also a full-time prison Chaplain serving in two different prisons.  My hobbies include walking, cycling, reading. I have recently took up writing poetry although his has been a bit of a stretch as I am also dyslexic. I look forward to hopefully meeting you properly soon.

Your brother in Christ. Kevin

Kevin Smith

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