Common Mission Fund 2022 – A Thank You

The Diocese of Winchester is funded by the Common Mission Fund: this fund is money given by every parish to provide and support clergy, and to further the diocesan work in every parish, across Hampshire and East Dorset.

We’ve had the following shared with us from the diocese, as thank you for our contribution to this fund – a thank you which really applies to our congregation, who give generously to the work we do through church services, within our community and – through this Common Mission Fund – further afield too.

As we face increasing costs, if you are able to assist our work through your donations then we would be grateful for all the support you are able to extend.

To the PCC and Congregation of the Parish of Pennington,

I am writing to thank you for your generosity over the last year and for your payment of the Common Mission Fund request in full. It is truly and greatly appreciated by the Bishops Council and the wider Diocesan community.

This year has been another challenging one, certainly when it comes to both personal and parish finances. The Common Mission Fund continues to be hugely integral to the aims of seeing Jesus represented in every community across our region. Your ongoing commitment to this is truly humbling, and we cannot say thank you enough.

In 2022 your gift to the Common Mission Fund contributed to the costs of our stipendiary clergy and curates, the development of lay ministry, as well those that enrolled in The Bishops’ Commission for Mission programme. We were also able to continue our significant ministry across 100+ Church of England schools.

I would encourage you to share this thank you video with your congregation:

As a diocese, we aim to have a Christian presence in every community. Thank you for your commitment to this ministry, which is only realised through the generosity shown by our faithful parishes and individuals.

With all best wishes,


Colin Harbidge
Diocesan Secretary & Chief Operating Officer
Diocese of  WINCHESTER

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