An update for the weekend of the fifth Sunday of Easter

Coming up This week in Pennington

  • Sunday 10th May, 9:30am – Communion service on youtube
  • Monday 11th May, 11-12 – Weekly discussion group on zoom. Looking at rule of life. This will be the second week of a five week course. All are welcome to join us, it doesn’t matter if you came last week or not, you’re welcome to join in.
  • Tuesday 12th May 8pm – The Prayer Course. We’re joining with Lymington Church for a prayer course, ahead of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ from Ascension Day to Pentecost.
  • Wednesday 13th May – 10:15-11:15 Coffee Morning on zoom. Phone in or join us on the internet, all are welcome – you’ll need to make your own coffee. We’d love to hear your favourite recipes of this season, do share them with us at
  • Wednesday 14th May – 7-8:30pm – Weekly evening discussion group on zoom. Looking at the rule of life, this is the fourth in a five week course. All are welcome.

Thy Kingdom Come

This year, one of the themes for Thy Kingdom Come – the days focused on prayer between Ascension Day (21st May) and Pentecost (31st May) – is Light up the World in Prayer. Jesus Christ is the light of the world and we are called to be the light of the world as we bear His image. Could you encourage as many Christians as possible in your town or village to commit to lighting up the world in prayer during these 11 days? On the Thy Kingdom Come website, there is a ‘Light up the world’ in prayer section with a whole suite of resources to equip you to encourage others to pray and shine their light.

One of these activities, is a map of the world which we want to see filled with light. As each individual, family and church commit to pray, more lights will populate the map. Will you play your part, as we pray for the light of Christ to penetrate the darkness across the globe?

Thy Kingdom Come – Prayer Journal

There is a prayer journal you can download and use throughout Thy Kingdom Come. Each day there is a passage from the Bible, a short reflection, a prayer, and a suggestion for action. There is also space each day for your own notes. Did a phrase jump out at you? Did God bring something to your mind as you prayed that day? When you tried to take action, how did it go? Make a note so that you can remember what God has been saying to you through your reading, your prayers, and your actions. Throughout the journal there are images to help you meditate on each daily theme and inspire you as you read through the passages and make your own notes. We are delighted to include on the cover Charlie Mackesy’s illustration of the Prodigal Son, an image that so clearly depicts the Father’s love for us.

Thy Kingdom Come – Midday Prayer

We will be holding Midday Prayer in zoom each day through Thy Kingdom Come season, and this will be shared on YouTube too. Further details will be available in next week’s email.

Prayer Course

Sarah and Kay from Lymington have shared this message with us: It was wonderful to see so many of you on Tuesday evening.  There were 25 of us and, considering it was such short notice, it was brilliant to see so many people able to come and be together.  How encouraging it was to meet and share our reflections on the prayer course video, which gave us some new insights into prayer and helped us to think practically how we might develop and deepen our prayer life.

If you missed the first weeks – don’t worry, it was really short notice to start on Tuesday, and you can catch up on the video here and join us next Tuesday at 8pm for week 2.  This is a different zoom meeting invite, as it’s hosted by St Thomas, details below.

Saint Thomas is inviting you to a recurring scheduled Zoom meeting.
: How to prayer – the series
By video from your computer/laptop the URL is:
Dial in by your home landline phone to:
        0203 481 5237 United Kingdom

The zoom meeting ID is 844 8181 6378

A few other things, firstly, to confirm the programme for the next 4 weeks leading up to Pentecost.

  • Tues 12th May – Week 3: Petition and Intercession
  • Tues 19th May – Week 4: Listening and Contemplation
  • Tues 26th May – Week 5: Unanswered prayer and Spiritual Warfare

Details for week 3 of the prayer course will be available soon to give you time to watch the video and consider the questions ready to meet again next Tuesday.

The prayer course also offers some extra resources which you use if you wish. This week there are three extra resources which you can find here.

  • how to pray the Lord’s prayer (1)
  • how to have a quiet time (2)
  • how to pray the examen (3)

We hope you find these extra resources useful to reflect on and to try if they are helpful. 

Sarah and Kay

Sunday Services

Every week our Sunday service is at 9:30am on YouTube.

We’d love to see your photos of you at home getting ready for the service. Please do share them with us at, it’s such an encouragement for us.

After the service, you’re welcome to join us in zoom for coffee (you will have to brew your own!) – details for our Zoom service are at the end of this email.

If there are people you know in our congregation that do not have access to the internet and would like to phone in and listen to our services, please share this information with them to join the Pennington Church zoom during the service and listen to the audio.

Lords Prayer

We invite you to video yourself on your phone or computer reading the Lords’ Prayer. Please then email your recording to

In future weeks we hope to show the Lord’s Prayer within our service, including each line read by a different person, we’d love to include as many of our congregation in this as we can. Please be brave, and join in the fun. (Trust me, it was strange for me to get used to leading the service in front of a camera or a phone too.) Others in the congregation will be so delighted to see you taking part, as we are each encouraged by seeing those that we know and love.

24/7 Virtual Prayer Room for Lymington and Pennington

A virtual prayer room has been set up which you can visit and interact with at any time; it includes a prayer board and prayer activities. Click on this link and dollow the instructions to join up via Trello. You’ll need to create an account with your email address and set a password. If you already have a Trello account, the link takes you straight to the Prayer Room board.

Details are also on Lymington Church website.

Basics Bank

They have been explaining where they are sourcing their food at the moment. Each week they endeavour to purchase specific shortages from local supermarkets. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday they collect from Fareshare at Totton where they are given a random consignment of fresh vegetables. They also collect from Waitrose and each week received £500 worth of stock from Morrisons in New Milton. Everything is being sent out each week so they don’t have to worry about checking dates. They have also had donations from B&M in Fareham, Organix focusing on children’s food and from Bromley Soap including soap and shower gels. Members of the public arrive with local produce, ie ‘hairy leeks’ from the Chewton Glen Hotel and duck and chicken eggs! They are also

working closely with the NFDC homeless team, making deliveries to the South Lawns Hotel in Milford on Sea and liaising closely with the Ringwood and Waterside Foodbank who have not seen the same level of demand. They are doing such an amazing job and their move to their new premises was just at the right moment.

Hampshire County Council Hub

If you would like to help with the community at large, the new Hampshire County Council Hub to support the community through the crisis has now been established. If you are able to offer support and would like to be involved, please contact them on 0333 370 4000. Your call will then be triaged and you will be passed to whichever organisation or local contact would be most appropriate.

Instructions for St Mark’s Zoom:

Either join online using this link, – or to phone in, please…

  • dial 0203 695 0088. You will hear: “Welcome to Zoom, enter your meeting id followed by hash
  • The meeting id you need to enter is: 971 631 0618 #
  • You will then hear it say “Enter your participant id followed by hash, otherwise just press hash
  • Please just press the # key.
  • You will then be asked for the password, please enter 1839 followed by #

You will then be part of a conference call, and you will be able to talk to others from the church that have already joined it.

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