2020 APCM

The APCM – or Annual Parochial Church Meeting – as with many events in our church calendar was disrupted this year, as the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world. However, now that we’re able to open our doors once more, this event – postponed from the spring – is coming up on the 12th October.

The APCM is an opportunity to celebrate the successes and discuss the challenges that we have faced as a church and we’ve produced a guide about this, which you can download from here:

This covers effectively 2019, being written to cover a period up until the first quarter of 2020 (normally the APCM should occur no later than the 30th April) – before the world changed direction due to the pandemic. The minutes of the 2019 APCM can be read here and the agenda for the upcoming 2020 meeting can be read here.

What happens?

The meeting is only open to members of the Church electoral roll, and those present vote on the appointment of PCC members, Deanery Synod representatives and to accept the independently reviewed accounts of the Church. As we won’t be able to accept everyone into the church due to social distancing requirements, we will be also streaming this to members of our congregation via Zoom too.

Forms, forms and more forms…

As suggested above, the APCM is an opportunity to vote for new members of the Deanery Synod and also new members of the PCC, as vacancies become available. Either of these might be something you are interested in joining – the Parochial Church Council is the group that has the responsibility for managing the financial and legal responsibilities of the parish. The PCC is also responsible for vision, staff management, building management, resources management and so on. The Deanery Synod is effectively a part of the governance structure of the Church and is made up of parish representatives and clergy from within that Deanery: this role helps to shape how the collection of churches within the Lyndhurst Deanery move forward in the years to come.

If you feel that this might be of interest, further details are available to download, here:

Nomination form for the Deanery Synod

Nomination form for church wardens

Nomination form for PCC members

Taking part

This will also be streamed via Zoom: click here to connect through your computer; alternative to phone in, please dial 0203 695 0088.

  • You will hear: “Welcome to Zoom, enter your meeting id followed by hash”
  • The meeting id you need to enter is: 971 631 0618 #
  • You will then hear it say “Enter your participant id followed by hash, otherwise just press hash”
  • Please just press the # key. then you will be asked for the passcode, please enter 1839 followed by hash (#).

You will then be part of a conference call, and you will be able to listen to the service, and then talk to others afterwards.

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